Blockchain forensics

Cryptocurrencies ushered in a new paradigm in the movement of money around the world.

Billions of dollars worth of digital assets now change hands every day in a decentralized and lightly-regulated environment. Those flows have taken on a negative complexion in popular discussion, thanks to the drug smuggling, terror financing and money laundering stories that seem to dominate the news headlines and chat rooms.

The thought therefore of using cryptocurrency to do business or generating fees from handling these flows is an unnerving prospect for most businesses. With owner identities obscured by seemingly impenetrable blockchains, the challenge for these companies is trust.

“Should I accept these coins as payment? Should my client accept them? Can I trade them? Who owns them? 
Where do they come from?”

These are all valid questions that prevent businesses from engaging with cryptocurrencies in a meaningful way. The good news is that the biggest, commonly used blockchains aren’t as impenetrable as commonly portrayed.

This is where we can help.



We are a technology company founded by engineers with a successful history of introducing blockchain applications to web-based platforms. Our engineers have years of experience analysing and working with the most widely used blockchains.



We work with organisations to develop tailored solutions. Businesses can harvest actionable information regarding balances and transaction flows connected to cryptocurrency wallet addresses that are relevant to their operations.



Businesses might want to verify coin balances and transaction amounts. They might have audit needs. They might have “know-your-customer” and anti-money laundering obligations for regulatory compliance.


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